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Mukisa Ministry Launched!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

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We are very excited to have Mukisa Ministries live and on air. Here you can check in and keep up with what is happening both in the States and back in Uganda.

With our first mission trip in May of 2019 done, we are working on more opportunities on how to keep serving the people of Uganda. On our past trip, One of our most impactful accomplishments was the ability to dig a well for the people of the Namabeya Village. I am very excited to inform you that the digging and construction of the well already began. During our mission trip in May, we were able to hire a local engineering company, and with help of some villagers, the well digging began. We were blessed to see that being accomplished, offering hopes of clean, safe, sustainable and accessible water for these people.

Another thing we were able to do was hold a women’s conference/gathering and have two of our friends from the States share and encourage these women on how to become better women, wives and most importantly, mothers to their children. With all that, we were also able to feed the 300+ women that were present, as well as the additional 400+ children and staff. The day was exciting, overwhelming, and blessed by your giving. So Thank you, thank you for what you have done for Mukisa Ministries so far and we look forwards to your partnership again in the future.

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